Friday, September 23, 2011

Music Review: Lady Antebellum - Own The Night

I am by no means a music critic. I select music solely based on how it makes me feel, and I know I can always count on Lady Antebellum when it comes to matters of the heart. Their latest album, Own The Night, is chock full of songs that will make your soul ache for that lost love who still haunts you.

I was pleased to hear more duets featuring Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott. They both have amazing voices and I love hearing them sing together. I wasn’t so sure about Charles Kelley when he started singing more, and it wasn’t just Hillary Scott in the limelight, but he has definitely worked his way into my heart and I was thrilled to hear more of his sexy voice.

The album released this week, just in time for me to get my new iPod. And apparently I’m not the only lover of sad songs, as over 347,000 fellow soul torturing music lovers have purchased the album. The songs are so powerful that if you are in a good relationship you almost find yourself hoping it ends, because at least one of these songs will be the perfect post breakup weepy/angsty song for you. The songs aren’t all sad though, “Love Like You” is really cute and upbeat. “We Owned The Night” is a great song for that one night stand you had that always left you wondering if it could have been something more. “Just a Kiss” will put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever experienced the overwhelming slam of a new love that has you scared to death.

I won’t give all the songs away … that would be boring. My point is that there is a song on this album for anyone who has loved and one of them will tug at your heart no matter what phase of love you’re in. So if you like good songs that make you reminisce about that “one that got away”, or weep a little about the one that broke your heart you will undoubtedly love this album.

How would I rate the album?? Well, Rolling Stone gave the album a crummy 2 star out of 4 review saying some crap about how it’s for Walmart shoppers. Stereotype much guys? Everyone that likes great country music doesn’t wear camouflage and shop at Wally World. I personally prefer Target (said with a French accent to make it sound fancier), and even though the album made me cry like a baby…it was in a good way and I give it an A+.


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